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Providing individual, couples and family counseling.

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We work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that span from therapy for depression and grief counseling to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond.

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, we offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our clients individual, couple, and families needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

Addiction & Recovery

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Addiction is a progressive, chronic and if untreated, fatal disease of the brain. It is a painful process for both the addict and also the family members and as the disease progresses, so do the addictive behaviors, isolation, and need for support for both. There are multiple resources for recovery including the Twelve Step philosophy and the connection with others with similar difficulties is essential. Personally with over twenty years of my own recovery, and losing my brother to opiate addiction, I understand both the pain of this disease as well as the freedom recovery can bring.

Adoption & Parenting

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Creating family can, at times, be full of both gifts and griefs. Typically, it does not go as planned.

As a momma of three, there has been nothing typical about the creation of my family. My story was wrought with surprises and sorrows.

Making family can carry with it new possibilities, many unexpected problems, tons of questions, and even more fears. Many of us experience grief or even shame in losing the dream of how we thought it would be, in infertility, in having a miscarriage, in losing an infant, or while in the process of adoption or foster care. I would be honored to walk with you through your trials and triumphs while creating your family.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

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Being the child of an alcoholic or dysfunctional family can often bring many maladaptive behavior patterns and characteristics that may later interfere with relationships and self-esteem. There are multiple resources available for those struggling with codependency and relationship difficulties which often result from this upbringing. Uncovering coping methods which served us as a child and no longer provide a benefit, can help us to realign our interactions with others and obtain self-love and reparenting which can allow us to live a more balanced life in the present.


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Tenacious toddler? Challenging child? Menacing middle schooler? Anxious adolescent? Want solutions that do not involve charts, verbal battles or deafening silence?

Children behave in ways that are a reflection of the internal process (growth and development) of their external environments. Adolescents/teens are attempting to navigate rough, yet exciting, waters of growth and change.

Be part of the solution—understand what is happening with your child or adolescent—find out what they are learning and what triggers their emotions and behaviors. Find a place of support that aids connection through clear communication for yourself and your child.

Christian Counseling

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Each of us, as people, have many pieces that make us whole – physical pieces, emotional pieces, intellectual pieces, & spiritual pieces. To become our complete and whole self, each one of these pieces must be acknowledged.

As a Christian counselor, I am comfortable with working with you as a spiritual being – whatever faith or denomination.

We can integrate faith practice into your continued growth and wholeness. We can honor heritage via exploration and conversation while gleaning insight into how faith has shaped you and how it can continue to be a catalyst to healing.

Conflict Resolution

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Healthy communication is essential when resolving conflict with others. Often times when we stop to think before reacting, we will have a better outcome, be more present and able to listen, and identify our true feelings and what is being triggered in our responses. Taking the perspective of another can be helpful when dealing with conflict as well as expressing our own emotions and disappointments. Sometimes having a guide or mediator can help us stop and think and consider our own balance and needs so that we are better able to respond appropriately to others.

Couples Counseling

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There are times in our lives as a couple that the person who is supposed to be our source of support and comfort becomes the person who is the source of hurt and agitation. At Safe & Sound we help couples learn to express emotions that are under the surface (soft) feelings in ways that are safe and healing. Letting go of resentments and fear then embracing with forgiveness, courage, and hope.

Family Counseling

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From the womb to the tomb bonding and attachment takes place. Oxytocin is present to start the process of childbirth, during nursing, holding hands, kissing, hugging, looking into your child’s eyes and face. All human behavior is strategies to attach. Accessible, Responsive, Emotionally Engaged these are the 3 domains parents must assess: Am I there for my kids? How do I respond to my kids? Do I feel with my kids?

Thankfully, we don’t have to have a perfect 100% all the time. 30% is doing great! That’s where family counseling at Safe & Sound helps, it gives the space to improve and learn how to have a healthy level of accessibility, responsiveness, and emotionally engagement with our children/teens.

Grief Counseling

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It’s been months. Shouldn’t you be over this by now? Come on! Just pull yourself out of this. Look at everything else you have.

Grief affects all of us. There is no formula to grief. There are no right or wrong ways to move through the experience of sorrow and pain created by loss.

Through the exploration of your story, we can meet with grief, together. We will discover ways to honor and acknowledge our loss – the loss of self, a life goal, or loved one. We’ll work together to cultivate continued hope and healing.

LGBTQ+ Concerns & Stressors

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How can we come together around the highly charged and challenging topic of sexual and gender diversity in our families, churches and communities? Where can acceptance be found when the struggle to understand one’s sexual orientation or gender identity arises?

As the mother of a gay man, I understand the challenges that arise when beliefs within families diverge, impacting all of us. I will help you explore personal struggles surrounding LGBTQ+ acceptance in families, churches and communities, while assisting you in developing respectful dialogue that fosters love and acceptance.

Men's Issues

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It has become increasingly unclear the definition of man/masculinity in today’s culture. The old roles of head of the house, just work and wife takes care of the kids and home, are gone leaving a void. Who am I? Where am I going? How do I contribute? These questions left unanswered lead to anger, depression, and anxiety in men and young men. The process of counseling empowers men and young men to engage in life. Defining their personal goals, beliefs, and values motivating them to change course and set out in a new destination.

Men's Struggles to Balance Work, Lover, Father

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The Daily Grind…. I can’t please my wife, can’t please my kids, all I can do is work, and sometimes I can’t even please my boss…. but I can still work. I really want to be there for my wife, kids, and do my best at work but I feel unmotivated and unfulfilled. How do I find the strength to stay motivated and not just give up and watch TV, work all the time, golf, go to the bar, etc.…? These things make me happy, are easy to do, and I’m tired? This is the struggle.

The process of counseling finds positive tactics that are not being utilized or are underutilized to initiate change. By identifying beliefs, interaction patterns, priorities, and sphere of influence balance is attained.

Parenting Support

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Parenting can be one of the most challenging roles in life. It is essential that as a parent we model what we want our children to incorporate in their own adult lives and provide a nurturing yet structured environment. Sometimes we must uncover our own deficits in order to build on our strengths so that we can have more to offer to our children and not take their behaviors so personally. Many times we are powerless over our children’s choices and may struggle to accept them unconditionally. The more we can seek and obtain our own balance and happiness with healthy coping skills, the better able we are to nurture and limit set during their growth.

Postpartum Depression

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“While everyone was Ohhing and Ahhing over this baby girl I’ve wanted for years, I felt completely alone. Sad, so sad. Isolated and hopeless.”

Often, after having a baby we expect to feel joy! Happiness! But the reality may be totally different, something that can take us by surprise. We might be exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, and even resentful.

You are not alone. Together, let’s sort through thoughts and feelings. Let’s put together a routine – one that incorporates and addresses your unique needs.

Stress Management

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Life is filled with stressors, deadlines, expectations from others and sometimes chaos. Stress management techniques are helpful in dealing with anxiety and outside demands. Breathing techniques, spiritual connection, meditation, and cognitive approaches can help to ground one during upheaval and refocus on oneself while providing self-care and being mindful of the present and the gifts in daily life.

Therapy for Depression & Anxiety

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Anxiety is information. It is telling us that there is an unresolved conflict: either internal, between me and another person, or I am stuck in a relationship triangle. The process of counseling is to help bring to light, label, and resolve these and other conflicts bringing clarity and empowering the individual to make changes in their lives.

Trauma Therapy

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Overwhelmed? Recovering from loss? Feeling lost in transition?

Manageable levels of stress can motivate and inspire, however when stress levels become overwhelming, it threatens the health of body, spirit, and mind.

Open up in an empathic, understanding, supportive environment—a safe harbor—to realize empowerment and opportunity in the midst of crushing circumstances.

Women's Struggles to Balance Work, Lover, Mother

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5:00am Pilates (throw laundry in washer before leaving)
7:30am Take kids to school (after I put stuff in dryer, shower, iron skirt, pack lunches, stop at Starbucks)
8:00am Meeting (multitask while looking engaged: read emails, sign Joey up for soccer, manage money accounts)
12:00pm Lunch (Grab Nikes. Walk while talking to mom on phone about her doctor’s appointment)…

As women, we must wear many hats: mother, professional, lover, daughter, friend. We are expected to do it all and to do it well.

The pressures and expectations of a woman in our society can lead to overwhelming feelings – feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, sometimes even depression. We’ll work together at discovering the roots of these feelings with hopes of finding a rhythm and balance that uniquely fit your life.

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