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Practice Mindfulness

There is often much talk about what mindfulness is and I think we would all agree that we need more in our life but how do we actually go about practicing this ancient tradition? Focusing on the present moment sounds wonderful but we tend to get caught up in the drama...

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Mindfulness is not a new concept. References to mindfulness can be found in many religions and philosophies over the past 2,500 years. Mindfulness made its way into contemporary culture in the 1960s in large part through Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk...

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The Power of Empathic Meeting

Empathic meeting involves not just listening and sitting with another’s life crisis, stressors, or pathology, but with their striving in the process. It’s those ‘micro-moments’ when frustration, misunderstanding or hopelessness invades the space between us,...

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The Importance of Authenticity

Carl Rogers wrote: “It is not simple to achieve such reality [as being authentic]. Being real involves the difficult task of being acquainted with the flow of experience going on within oneself, a flow marked especially by complexity and continuous change...”...

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Remembering and Prioritizing Self-Care

We are in relationship. We have kids. We are focused on career. Don’t forget self-care! I don’t remember when I started to ignore her. Maybe it was somewhere between my undergrad degree and the piles of dirty laundry. Maybe she was forgotten during one of those...

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A Family on a Mission Makes a Statement

Making a Mission Statement to Make a Healthy Family. Studies show that successful businesses start with a mission; a set of standards and ideals that orient each person on a team toward a common set of goals. Let’s take Apple Inc., arguably one of the most successful...

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Therapeutic Care after Rehab

When you understand that addiction is a disease, it is easy to understand the need for aftercare following rehab. Imagine a patient who suffered from a debilitating physical disease. Would she skip out of the doctor’s office and prance down the street? No. She would...

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How to Deal with Grief During the Holidays

As a society in general and as families, we do not make space to those who are feeling “under the weather”. Some people have lost a relationship due to death, divorce/separation, or may be a family conflict that put distance between members. Others might be...

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