Own Your Greatness

I have always wanted to do “something great for God,” and when I was a stay-at-home mom with four sons, I often noticed thinking that I would never do that “something great.”

However, during a time when I experienced what I perceived as a deep depression, and searching for a way out of it, I came across this quote by Helen Keller:

“I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my duty and joy to accomplish humble tasks as though they are great and noble.”

This quote inspired me to view my life in a way that had much more meaning, and which acted as a catalyst out of the depressive symptoms I felt burdened by. I began honing an attitude of gratefulness for the seemingly insignificant things of life that I “accomplished” such as getting through the day without hurting my boys’ self-esteem, overcoming challenges to find a new, creative solution, making solid and lasting memories for our family, and holding on to a marriage that, albeit challenging, was every bit worth holding on to. This time was formative in my journey because it broke the cycle of self-pity, learned helplessness and spiritual dryness, and propelled me forward into a new way of being.

When we take inventory of our truest Self, and own what we find there—both light and shadow—we can say with full assurance, “I am worthy; I am powerful; I can be a light in the world.” After all, great darkness only needs one small flame to dispel it–a flame that can light the way for us out of the depths of unworthiness, ineptitude, or emotional flatline.

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